Bull City Classrooms is a nonprofit organization with the mission to improve public school education in Durham by getting Durham’s incredible and vibrant community involved in the classroom.  We believe education is one of the most important facets of a growing community and that our teachers are overworked and underpaid. We can't solve the latter of the two, but we can help with the first.  

How we work

We organize two hour long “blitz” volunteering events at local elementary schools in the region a couple times a month. Groups of 20 volunteers spend their Saturday morning cleaning/sorting out closets and science experiment kits, making folder packets, stapling/organizing papers, wiping down and moving desks, and much more! Basically, we help with tasks that would take a single teacher a few days to complete, but only take us two hours with a group of volunteers!

Are you a teacher / Principal?

If you think a group of 20 volunteers spending a few hours on a Saturday would help, shoot us an email! Email Anish @ anish.simhal@duke.edu